Wednesday, 7 December 2011

save the parrot mama!

Haris currently reading a book about parrots. Oh he just love it. Suddently he called my name in urgent " oh. Mama, this is a very bad news!"

Why? Haris.

Then he started to read the book to me about the parrot being endengered species.

We need to do something mama!

What can we do haris?

We should plant more trees because it says here that too much trees been cut down. The the parrot dont have home.

Yes, that is a very good idea haris, what else can we do?

We dont buy parrots from the pet shop.

Why haris?

Because, if we buy the parrot then the shop keeper will go and find other parrot in the jungle to sell.

Yes, that is sooooo true haris.

End of story

If u remember about my post regarding pets that we have. All died kan. U know haris actually want parrot for a pet. Gile mahal nk beli, and macam mampus jugak nantikan.

Before he was sooooo aware about parrot being endengerd species ni. He actually say this to me.

Mama, next time. When we went to the zoo, i will go and ask the zoo keeper, why they have to take all the parrot from the pet shop and put it in the zoo. Now i dont have parrot to buy from the pet shop. Chomelkan. Udah mama said to him, that pet shop in johor dont have parrot like in tanjung malim one. He was sooo upsat lah x dpt the parrot. Dia pun igt zoo amik all the parrot.

Besar dah haris. Memang selalu ada perbincangan macam ni dgn dia esp dia minat membaca pasal animals.

Itu belum mama cerita pasal dia nak save the ocean and global warming tu. Idea dia, crash all the big ship. Too much pollution by those ship. DasyaT!

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