Saturday, 17 December 2011

the feeling

Since i dont have enough sleep for the past 2 weeks, now my brain is so tired.

My mood is like hell.

And i really hope that it will end soon.

I just cant take it anymore.

Faris vomit basicly anything he eats everytime he cough.

My breast is all flat out of milk. Yet the milk end up on the carpet.

Haris is crying everytime he cough due to muscle spasm.

Aisyah cry everytime she want something due to stress from a long dreadfull illness.

And i just feel like crying myself due to this long '"sickness'' prosses which i still looking for the hikmah behind it.

Im sooo damn sad and tired.

And i just have to be pateint, accept it and i just cant do anything about it.

I hate this!
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ukstore said...

It's a test for someone who had take medicine course before! Anyway, make sure they take warm water with honey , kacau dgn plastic or wooden spoon, not metal spoon. Than give haris 1000mg soluble vitamin C while he is not well. May be aishah 500mg and reduce amount for the baby. Take no medical or drug medicine at all. and don't be too much stress with health and medication, sickness and illnes as usually people who train to be doctor are over cautious with causes unnecessary stress and this can be pass to the kids. Just calm down and take it easy. Try not to take too much what you learn before in medicine. Always try alternative medicine and prophetic medical science. Insya Allah.

Kak sofinee