Sunday, 4 December 2011

manja mama

Last 3 days,i notice change in his appertite, sleep pattern, cry and he just want me.

Today i know the reason.

He is not felling well like his other sibling.

ALHAMDULLILLAH, its just mild on him. Yet. When u use to be happy cheeky baby, even the milder form of sickness will affect you. Huhuhu

I miss my happy baby.

Get well soon darl.

ALLAH, please ease the pains in my childrens. Im hopeless without ur help. :-(
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mommyNadia said...

Semua kena ke ct??
owh sian..
I know..the day Adam kena HFMD from nursery,I never bring them out, neither go to nursery, just to avoid from transmitted to other kids..1 week amik cuti smp negative cuti that year..

tapi,ntah la, kdg geram sgt specially those mothers yg hntr babies kt nursery, kesian tgk budak tu,tp mak ayah dia selamba je hntr..
worst berjangkit kat org..

sabar ct..
hopefully diorang cepat sembuh..

Cik Sara said...

Sian Baby...
Semoga cepat sembuh..and be a happy baby..(^____^)

Be strong ya Kak Siti!