Thursday, 29 December 2011


Caught in action. Lemah jantung mama seeing him already on the stairs. I just went to the kitchen like 5 minutes to fry cekodok pisang and he already making his way up there. Tak rehat lah mama macam ni. Need more food to make more energy. Haih!

Ps: please dont grow too fast faris. You might be my last and i want to treasure you as long as i can. Sometimes when i feed him, dtg dlm hati, oh, is this going to be my last chance to bf a baby. Then i feel like crying and i will hug him as long as i can. I will miss this lovely feeling. Feeling of motherhood. Feeling that Allah bestow not to all woman. The love and comfort that i can give to my baby. The smile when he bf and the chuckle he make when i tickle his chin. Only Allah know how i feel.SVT please go away. :-(
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