Saturday, 31 December 2011

macam x de beza pun!

Sapa ckp.?

Pergh, dgn berbesar hatinye, im declering that my house is tidy, and look much2 more better then before.

We still need 6 of those felton boxes, but that one, yati will do it next week.

Tonight, rombongan cik inlaws are coming, and im soooo please with the house condition.

Atas, bawah, dapur, is spotless, ewah! Di mata i lah kan, org lain punye spotless itu i tak ambil port!

Mood "rumah ku kemas" amat2 dirasai oleh kami laki bini. '' bestnye rumah kemas'' is like an echo in the house. Everybody is saying it.

This show us that my house is never tidy and being tidy only a little bit proven to be something big and need to be talk about for atleast 24hours.

Ps: lapang jiwa!
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Mixed-family in da house.... said...

I like this entry...'nasib' kita serupa....hehehe

Mama said...

hahaha....we feel for each other darl!!!