Thursday, 1 December 2011

Aisyah sumaayah is 3

Alhamdullillah 1/12/11 aisyah sumayyah turns 3 yrs old.

She is very clever, cheeky, like pretty things and love to learn new things.

Her built is small just over 10 kg but she is very active and healthy.

Love honey sooo much.

She is reading, counting and writing.

She already started to read iqra, just into page 4. Just started her coz haris is still reading same book. Cant wait until haris start reading holy Quran ^_^

She speaks brits english and understand bahasa well but she cant speak bahasa so much.

Her fav color is pink and purple.

Her fav song is ana muslim and your mother.

She want to be a teacher and a doctor.

She is potty train. Jimat duit woooo!

Her fav cartoons is bowaa and koala

Her fav drink is strawberry smoothie

Her fav food is pasta bolognese

Her fav toys is her tea set and her doctor set.

She love faris.

She favor her daddy them mommy.

Her fav cereal is coco crunh and coco balls

She has an orange teddy

Her fav book is mystery tour from labybird

Her fine motor is superb. She can color and draw very well and have a very good memory.

She's the copied of haris brain except she love color more then her brother.

She love hand bags, hair clips and pretty dresses. ( only in the house) dah ajar ni. Kat luar x boleh dedah2. ^_^

Girl will always be girl :-)


Oh ALLAH, bless my aisyah sumayyah with barakah in this life and inthe here after. Amin.
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