Saturday, 31 December 2011

ombak rindu

Nak ckp 100% best tu tak lah....plot2 ceritanya pendek2 sgt...sampai x sempat nk feel the whole story...

sedih...sedih jugak lah...but the novel lagi sedih...

watak izzah terlalu singkat utk menampakkan keluhuran budi pekertinye macam dlm buku..

lisa...bagus watak dia...giler evil weh!...

maya...terlalu cantik utk watak izzah....muka mix...tetiba jadi org kampung...sgt tak ngam...but dia berlakon...jadi kampung yg kurang kendiri dan macam blur2...good job maya...

aaron...erm...macam lawak2 aje tengok dia nk meluahkan perasaan....x macho macam dlm buku lah...and....watak dia bawa...kira so so la...muka dia dah sesuai sgt lah jadi anak org kaya..

bornt....sgt sadis watak dia...itu yg aku kurang minat tu...kalau buku cerita baik2...second hero selalu nasib kurang cun...aiseh...pity him. :-(

i give this story 3.5 out of 5....

they should make a movie from donia...personally... i love that book to be made into film.

macam x de beza pun!

Sapa ckp.?

Pergh, dgn berbesar hatinye, im declering that my house is tidy, and look much2 more better then before.

We still need 6 of those felton boxes, but that one, yati will do it next week.

Tonight, rombongan cik inlaws are coming, and im soooo please with the house condition.

Atas, bawah, dapur, is spotless, ewah! Di mata i lah kan, org lain punye spotless itu i tak ambil port!

Mood "rumah ku kemas" amat2 dirasai oleh kami laki bini. '' bestnye rumah kemas'' is like an echo in the house. Everybody is saying it.

This show us that my house is never tidy and being tidy only a little bit proven to be something big and need to be talk about for atleast 24hours.

Ps: lapang jiwa!
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Friday, 30 December 2011

my sun shine

You are my sun shine
My only sun shine
You make me happy
When skies are gray
You never notice
How much i love you
Oh Allah, please dont take my sun shine away.
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Todays garage sale is a success...

total collection is more then 500

crystal a hot cake items...semua pakat chop2 sana sini...letting go from 5 ringgit to 20 ringgit..which if you go in sogo..the price will be whooping 1k each( bohemian, royal dalton)!!!

i told letting it go!!!

other stuff...all the english porceline...

the toys...

lcd monitor...


pergh...all gone!

but do not worry...we still going to have another garage sale tomorrow...

my inlaws are coming with more stuff to sell....and iv got some other stuff to let go to...which i just found it in the store room!!

good news!

will held another garage sale tomorrow..

from 8...

as i told u before...early birds gain more...lambat datang..barang best is all sold out!!!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

my girl

Her name is aisyah sumayyah, we call her aisyah, and we dont like it when other people call her ecah or chah or other short form.

She like pretty things, and she love to look pretty too.

You can do basicly anything to her head, put scarf, hair clips, ponny tail, anything you like, as long as its cute and pretty, she will love it.

She love pretend play, being a doctor, a chef, a mommy, a princess even as nigel marven helper to look for dinos or animals.

She speaks english very well with a very soft voice.

If you see her, she is nothing like me. She just tooo girlie!.

Wonder where she get that genes, we dont have tv for her to follow anything there. Is just inside her. The genes!.

Ps: aisyah, we love u.

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garage sale

All are invited to my garage sale on saturday 31/12/11. From 8. Early birds will gain more.

The kids are selling lemonade.

Please do come.

Letting go old toys. Crystal house deco. Electrical things. Old bags etc

Items from 20 cent and up.

All collection will be donated to tabung masjid pulai indah. They need money to build new masjid. :-)

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Caught in action. Lemah jantung mama seeing him already on the stairs. I just went to the kitchen like 5 minutes to fry cekodok pisang and he already making his way up there. Tak rehat lah mama macam ni. Need more food to make more energy. Haih!

Ps: please dont grow too fast faris. You might be my last and i want to treasure you as long as i can. Sometimes when i feed him, dtg dlm hati, oh, is this going to be my last chance to bf a baby. Then i feel like crying and i will hug him as long as i can. I will miss this lovely feeling. Feeling of motherhood. Feeling that Allah bestow not to all woman. The love and comfort that i can give to my baby. The smile when he bf and the chuckle he make when i tickle his chin. Only Allah know how i feel.SVT please go away. :-(
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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

his new hobby

Standing, cruising then fall down.






MasyaAllah :-)
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my breakfast

Nice, big portion for breastfeeding mom, i just finished a bowl of cornflakes and this is the side dish. Kah!

Me, muncit sikit now, tapi still look good in my dress. Auw!
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Tuesday, 27 December 2011


there will be lego land in johor?...


evergreen fav

Haris fav. And it always be, now, aisyah is sharing the same interest.

Still waiting for bainey. Esp from uk.

Haris will be suprise!
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update spring cleaning yg masih winter

Tengah fikir, macam mana nak kemas ni. Haih

Gambar2 RUMAH DAN MAINAN BERSEPAH, serta bilik baru abg haris :-)
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Monday, 26 December 2011


This is so much fun. We play together. Eat together. Scream together. Guling2 together.

Yati, kemas rumah.

Esok yati dtg lagi.

Kalau macam ni, spring cleaning every month pun ok.


Ps: tetibe terang aje rumah. Kah!
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his first night in his first room

finally, haris wanted to sleep on his own in his room. we just finish decorated the room, its cosy and cute for boy. ops...and aisyah too. haris still want aisyah to stay with him for tonight...he said, he will get lonely without cute ek... :-)

tak cukup hias lagi tu....nak tambah wall sticker lagi...hehehe...

and the best part is...the triple bunk bed was given to us worth 3000....and Allah give it to us free. :-) masyaAllah...

thanks azzura for giving it to us and it was superb.

the bed is not even used....its still brand new. :-)

haris love it sooo much...and it wont be long until faris join the sleep group too.

ps, i still remember, last time when i was in the uk, i wanted to buy the pine bouble bunk bed, but i dont have enough money. but i did not say anything to him, i just said to my self, kalau ade rezeki, Allah mesti bagi, cepat lambat je. yap...there infront of me now, its not double, but Allah give me triple..masyaAllah :-)

thank you Allah :-)
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mudah nak sebut, weh ko ni, bersyukur lah sikit.....ko ni tak reti bersyukur....sentiasa lah bersyukur....itu antara yg biasa kite dgr lah kan....

tapi pernah tak kiter terpikir....duduk diam2...dan fikir....mudah ke nak bersyukur, kenapa aku perlu bersyukur, aku bersyukur ke tidak ni, bila aku kena bersyukur....

mama tinggalkan persoalan tersebut pada anda masing2....

masing2 ada jawapan tersendiri...samada iklas atau tidak...sendiri2 mahu tahu dan jgn lain takkan tahu....tapi Allah tahu lah kan....

kalau kite ikhlas..kite untung...and kalau lain tak rugi...

bersyukur semua yg allah beri pinjam pada mama ni semua free...kalau lah mata kena bayar, telinga, tgn...semua kena bayar...haru bonus bulan mama...

terima kasih Allah

spring cleaning...

yap....still doing's still not finish....and so tired....

mega make over of the kids room and the toy room....

letting go the unwanted toys from free to the cheapest in malaysian land....sila dtg jika mahu...

ini betul2 letgo ni...tak terjual..kami sedekah pada nursery.

to anak2 dekat 300 jenis...sila jgn terkejut!

pict will update later. :-)
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Friday, 23 December 2011

the taste of mediteranian

Yummy apricot with sweet potato for lunch just what he need before our journey to wedding reception in johor bahru.

Ive use dried apricot that been soak for a night, then pureed with sweet potato.

He just love it masyaAllah.

Yummy mummy :-)
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apple crumbles

Its raining, so i decided to make some comfort food with the kids. Yap, apple crumbles is so easy to make and the kids can join in together.

Enjoy the pictures :-)

Ps: waiting for it to cool down while playing bubbles with the kiddos. Alhamdullillah, what a bless life. MasyaAllah.
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Thursday, 22 December 2011

is it me or him?

Ive noticed that faris seems to have not enough milk. He just feed and feed and feed. Its hard for me to sleep at night because of new feeding pattern.

Is my milk supply decreasing or he's growing so he need more feed?

I just bought another pack of anmun lacta and eat more rice in my meal now to make sure that my milk supply is good.

Hopefully it will help.

Or maybe i need to increase his meal size?

He is a good size baby anyway, bigger tummy now?

Faris, please say something!

Ps: he understand if u ask him to kiss you. Oh2. Kejap2 mama n abh ask for a kiss. Letih kawan!
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new tropical taste

Today ive introduce faris to a new tropical taste. Papaya.

He just love it.

I mix papaya with grapes to cut down the sweetness.

Yum yum :-)

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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

a rare sight

Faris sleeping by himself with out feeding. Aaaauuuooohhhhhh, lil angle :-) masyaAllah.
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Erm, that's normally what i said when i see the scale everytime i weight my kids. They weight just wont go up. Haih, after a while, i think i need to find a good milk for them. The one that they like.

All of my kids were breast fed for at least 2 yrs, normally, after that, i will give them fresh milk and sometimes formula milk but not in bottle, just using sippy or normal cup. I did give them via bottle for few months then i stop it to avoid dependency.

Now, apart from fresh milk, ive tried few other growing up formula which to my expectation, they just dont like it.

The list

Dutch lady 123,456
Dugro veggie

I will tell the different between those milk by look, taste and price.


The worst is dugro, why? It just toooo watery, it seems that u giving the kids diluted milk. And it does look tooo artificial to our naked eye.

The best are anmum dutch lady. Looks real and appertising.


The worst is dugro, its just too extremly sweet, no wonder the kids love it. U are feeding lolly pop to them! Aisyah like it, but not haris

Lactogen taste yucky, non of my children likes it, ive taste it, yap, its not so nice. Ada bau.

The best is anmum. Its sweeter then fresh milk, but its just nice. Haris like this. Aisyah, never finish her milk!

The taste of ducth lady is acceptable, haris n aisyah was ok with it, but to say they love it, is just too overstatment.

The value for money

The winner is dutch lady.

Cekik darah is anmum

Other is ok lah.

Tonight i will need to fetch some monthly house supply. Milk will be in the list and im still clueless of which i should buy. We still prefer fresh milk as our first milk, but the thing is, we need to go to bigger supermarket to have it, and they drink like 4 bottle / big cartons a week. Mana nak sumbat dlm fridge tu. Haih!

Everytime i serve milk to haris he will ask me " mama is this fresh milk or made up milk?" if i said made up. They both will sound like this " aaaaoooooooooo" " i want fresh milk, fresh milk is the best "

Here in malaysia, fresh milk is sometimes hard to find, its expensive and very easy to get spoil.

Botak mak weh!
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Monday, 19 December 2011

make the words

Aisyah enjoy this activity, with the help from his brother, they do the color in, cutting out letters and wallah, the activity is, lets make a word on the cloth lines.

Ps: i forgot to record the activity, the picture was taken when the activity is already finish. Ini kes faris yg berlagu dondang. ALHAMDULLILLAH, masyaAllah, aisyah having no problem blanding in those words, today they make the word from an and at. InsyaAllah, we will do other sound like un, et, en and so on.
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7 months : time for his first finger food

Alhamdullillah, faris is 7 today, as usual, new months means new food, today is rusk as his first finger food. Will try and make homemade rice biscuit later. I just need to if he is ready or not.

So, i think he is masyaAllah :-)
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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Still raining...

Alhamdullillah...another monday morning have arrived...and as usual...this mommy is very busy...but today..the pace is a bit slow...why?'s raining and its a heavy one, so the kids are still sleeping and being lazy is an option in this kind of weather...

The kitchen is clean, the chicken is defrosting, the house is tidy, the tummy is full, the boys are sleeping, the only girl is enjoying her ipod game and its still raining.

Still thinking...should i do the kids class today?...or...should i have another holiday?...

it's cold...and suddenly...i 'm thinking about arwah ayah...ayah...its raining here in your house raining too?...i wish i can be there to warm you up...oh Allah...please make him happy there, please pardon all his sins and please sent my sadaqah to him....i miss him so much...i just miss him...


haris likes him

haris love this guy... when i ask him...''who is this man...?''

he will say...'' richard hammond, he's a scientist and a gamer, he like to do test''...hahaha

today...we when to the library...and haris found his book...

he was so excited...

and now...if you ask him..'' what is a gravity?''

he surely can answer it...

'' it's a invisible pulling force''

see...i told u!

ps: haris love something new...he will always try to find something new to of his way to do that is by reading...masyaAllah..

pss: today..haris found out that...there is such a lizard that can squirt blood...a squirt blood lizard....a jaw dropping vid in youtube...u see...everytime he found out new things in the book...he will ask me to see it in youtube....the real one!...anak2 zaman digital!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

the feeling

Since i dont have enough sleep for the past 2 weeks, now my brain is so tired.

My mood is like hell.

And i really hope that it will end soon.

I just cant take it anymore.

Faris vomit basicly anything he eats everytime he cough.

My breast is all flat out of milk. Yet the milk end up on the carpet.

Haris is crying everytime he cough due to muscle spasm.

Aisyah cry everytime she want something due to stress from a long dreadfull illness.

And i just feel like crying myself due to this long '"sickness'' prosses which i still looking for the hikmah behind it.

Im sooo damn sad and tired.

And i just have to be pateint, accept it and i just cant do anything about it.

I hate this!
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Friday, 16 December 2011

haris enjoy this

This activity is simple and very easy to do.

What you need is

Paper plate
Sticky tape
Pipe cleaner

Draw the shoe shape on the paper plate snd ask your kids to decorate it.

Cut out the drawing, punch out holes 2 on each row.

Take the ribbons cut it and cut out around 1 inch long of the pipe cleaner.

Lrole the pipe cleaner at the end of the ribbon on each side. U need to make it hard so the kids can put it tru the hole.

And get creative!

Haris really enjoy this!
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Thursday, 15 December 2011

home treatment

Surely, all my medical knowlagde is never a waste. Alhamdullillah.

Abg haris, a very strong boy, insyaAllah u will be as healthy as before.

Fever for 3 days, takaepnic, basal craps, ronchi and other urti symptoms.

Im the sleepless mom with medical degree oncall.
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This is aisyah. This pict taken when she is no feeling well. She had a flu. All of us had it actually. This month is a testing month for us, from blister to atuk passed away and now flu. All in one row, not even a day gap. Hurm. Im tired!
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