Thursday, 8 December 2011

Our wall is finish

Finally, the wall. ALHAMDULLILLAH, now the kids will have their own wall of fame for all the hard work!

And there are special tree for aisyah. Aisyah words tree. The more she can read, the bigger the tree. That only some of the words, she can read more actually, but i dont have the words in my flashcard collection yet. No need to add that coz i know she can. This tree is just one of the way to make her love reading. And it also for faris next time. :-)

Alhamdullillah, im so please to see my work and the kids, tak sempat nak siap wall, dah sibuk tanya, today we do what mama? I want my chair, i want to do it, waaaa, my caterpillar is there. Chomel2 masyaAllah.
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