Wednesday, 30 November 2011

the dinos hunt

Lets the adventure begins!!!

1. The peleontologist on duty

2 Finding bones burried in the beans

3 theres the bone!

4 put the bone together, to identify what dino it is.

5. Still working on it...some decoration will make it look groovy!

6 its diplodocus!! Mission accomplish!!!

This is one fun activity. They are the peleontologist, discovering new dinosaur bone.

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Tuesday, 29 November 2011

quick update

Some of our creative stuff

The rest is in our file folder.

Mode mama : malas nak update!
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Faris is crawling. Date 27/11/11. Alhamdullillah :-)
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Sunday, 27 November 2011


Art and craft...

currently been very busy topping up my Art and Craft material from Ebay...

semua nak beli...jewels, felts, googly eyes, pom pom, ribbons, clips, beads, color tissue paper, clays.... waaaaaaa....crazy..crazy macam gini!!!!

the kids are having the same ''fever''...

everyday..they just have to do creative things...

today is...

astronauts ear caps...giler canggih!!

sorry no picture...will update just too tired!!!

the caterpiller

Lets make caterpiller!

Today our creative activity is making cute caterpiller.

You will need.

pom2 balls in your fav color
color paper
color tissue paper
sticker paper or googly eyes

and gets creative!!!

ps: the blue one is haris, colorful one is aisyah and the red n white one is mama's.

cute kan!!

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Saturday, 26 November 2011

baru sampai

i just arrived home from short holiday, we went to le granduer senai for a night stay and it was marvelous!

haris, faris and aisyah is soo happy.

mama and abah is happy too...

pict will be add later.

ps: with cute pict of the kids swimming :-)
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Thursday, 24 November 2011

the CD day

Yes, we are out of nappy for 1 whole day, and im using CD (cloth diapers) for one stressfull day!

I dont know how mommies out there can use CD lah. Tabik spring!!! Me, yaAllah, disaster weh. Faris really dont like it lah, too cold maybe. Cranky all day. And ive used 5 Cd in day time only. Giler nk membasuh tu. Ke u dont need to change untill he poop? Like regular nappy. Ive been changing him like everytime he is wet. Aiyooooo!!!

After abg come back from work, we went out to find him the regular nappy. I miss you mamipoko!. I cant take it anymore!!! That is it laaaaa, memang cd only use in emergency aje weh. Which i will make sure, its not going to happen atlest another few months! Or maybe never!!!

Ps: gambar memory disaster day aiyoooo!!! Nad, i tak tahu lah mcm mana u tahan guna cd darl. Bagus!
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the work

Its craf day today. They are getting better and better every day. Each picture have its own story which my tabby cant record because its out of batteries. Let me make the summary.

The red back ground is aisyah garden, its full with pink flowers and aisyah with haris is playing near the pond. Btw the people is sooo tiny, its hard to see with my poor quality pict ( that is it, im buying galaxy note next month, i need something with good camera, smartphone for sure, abg dah offer tu)

The blue background is abg haris one. This is his yard (note that. Aisyah use garden, his one is yard!), with a pond and inside there is a boat and the blue bit are the people when u look from far. The long blue beads are the shining sky. And the boy is himself standing near the pond looking at big gray dragonfly :-)

Then he do his count by 2 very well masyaAllah.

Then both of them want to play stamping. So, the colourfull pictures is aisyah n the blue only pict is haris. Now his fav color now. So, basicly everything is blue, he even want a blue milk which i dont give lah. Look to weird n too much food coloring!

Now, while me feeding the baby upstairs, they are still making things, creative things. I just cant wait to see what are they up to now. They are just toooo creative masyaAllah.

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salam jumaat

I just feel sooooooooo great and bless, Alhamdullillah.
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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Homemade oat baby cereal

Homemade oat cereal is faris latest baby food, very easy to make and faris love it sooo much.

I remember last time when i was in the uk, i used to feed haris with this oat cereal, but it was the instant one with pre mix milk, unfortunately, i cant feed it to aisyah as she had milk allergy.

Now, i notice haris just love oats but not aisyah. Oats are healthy and good for ur skin. :-)

Memang aisyah x boleh telan langsung, but its ok, she love olive so much, olive also good for skin. Selamattt!! Having the only girl in the family, i need to think alot! Skin, yap, the younger the better.

So, since i cant find the same oats cereal, ive decided to made it myself.

U will need organics oats. Blender or food processor, water, milk (breast or formula)

There are 2 ways to make it.

Either u blend the cooked oat and add the milk or blend the oats first the cook it and need to contstantly stir it if not u will get an oats balls. Then u add milk.

As for me i use the first method as haris is having oats for breakfast. I just took some then puree it, add my milk and wallah! The way he eat it just look sooo yummy!!

And, u can mix and match oats with other things too like fruit, veggie and meat.

Next time will be oats with apple and pumkins. :-)

Mommmy nadia, this post is specially for u darl. Dont forget to try it!!!
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Monday, 21 November 2011

Best female Quran reciter, Sumayya EdDeeb: reciting Surat Al-Fajr

Subhanallah...this is just too beautiful...masyaAllah...thumbs up!
Effortless reading...with beautiful voice...subhanallah...

me and kueh lapis

basicly, malaysian call this kueh lapis...why...alah...coz its berlapis2...

haris asked me..'' what is lapis? '' layer sayang...layer....

normally the old version of this kueh is only red n warna ada..still i like the old version one...cantik dan kemas :-)

how do weveat this kueh....very easy...ngap...

but not for me...

first...i need to peel it..layer by is very theraputics to do so...and its runs in the family mom do it, me and now the kids...

if i went to the shop, i see kueh lapis...i'll make sure that it is not sticky to each other...if they do...most likely it can't be sooo pist off if somebody sell kueh lapis and i can't peel it...come on.....kalau x..jgn jual...and if it can't be peel...meaning they did not cook the layer properly... mentah tu...mentah....

btw...i don't know how to make kuah lapis...that is why i need to buy them...hahaha's kueh lapis is good...sedap n can be peel...

im soo happy :-) gile kentang..happy sebab kueh lapis..:-)

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Sunday, 20 November 2011

faris is 6 months old

Subhanallah, how times flies so extremely fast now days....i wish it has gone slower....i just love cuddling this baby, he is very cuddly in deed... :-)

New months, means new food, so today ive made him a pumkins puree....he just love it....nyum yum...masyaAllah....

will add more to his food will be leek n cauliflower puree, mango puree and mash avocado.

to the latest update...his menu now are pear puree, brown rice cereal, sweet potato puree, carrot n celery puree....his meal is on demand, usually 4 times a day...half a jar every meal...masyaAllah. :-)

feeding time is very enjoyable now...he sit on highchair very well, join the family meal together...seronok lah masyaAllah.

faris look more like aisyah summayyah and love to smile :-)
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the big town library

Alhamdullillah, today we manage to make our move to a new library in jb...20 to 30 minutes drive depends on the traffic...

it was a very big, nice, clean, cool library ever in jb..they have petrosains area, kids area and also area for adults...

it has 3 floor and it is super nice with cafe and eating area...


haris and aisyah is so extremely happy....

haris...he is so independen...choose his own book, then read, then choose the one that he want to borrow, then off the petrosains area...explore and lean new things


reading with mama...very coorperative...understand and reading the short story very with ladybird is very good book for those who are gaining confidence for reading...Aisyah love it !


dukung and dukung...hahaha

mama met a new friend...and we share the same story...she is niqabi, housewife and speak fluent english...oh, yes..she's from singapore...a very open minded, easy going her! masyaAllah

will definitely go back again...

ps : hasil rembatan pinjam...kena pulang balik tu... :-)

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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

yes...i need that

my old car had broke, we only have 1 car to share....why do i need my car sooo much?

first...i need to bring the kids to the library.... how i wish i can go there everyday... be patient mom...!

then...i need to put haris in a swimming class.... still...i need car to go there....

to buy fresh food n veggie every morning.. oh...i really miss u my kembara!

i need you...i need you...

now..the solution to my problem buy food and other stuff very early in the morning, before he went to work...

as for library and swimmimg classes...weekends will be the best time...

i need to think of a better ways to handle this...

i think i need to sent him to work, then take the car and enjoy myself...erm...good eh?...

but not tomorrow...tomorrow he need to go to work at 630am... it is just too early for me to wake up those muchkins..:-)

and yati is coming to clean the house...nooo...i can't take the 2 days in a week holiday from house cleaning being burn because of the library...library can surely wait...yati cannot...hahaha...giler malas ko mom!

still...i think...the best among the best solution is to buy a new car...

'' darl, i know u just being promoted to head of department, how about the 600 extra we use to buy me a new baby, heh? ''

ps: i miss you my kembara!
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mujahid in the making

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Monday, 14 November 2011

ps: i love u

I was about to go upstairs when i notice this green piece of paper next to the stairways. Then haris come down and kiss me. I love you too haris, and i gave him a hug, a very nice warm one, right from my heart. :-)

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Sunday, 13 November 2011

i love Him, him and them

Since i decided to become a fulltime housewife 5 yrs body actually asked me why?...if they did..not why? but who make you?....

One thing about most of Malaysian people...they like to point fingers...not all..but most of them...sometime...i'm also adapting to this unwanted behaviors...but see it like also Malaysian..and im human.. ;-)

They will see the problem of Me not working is because my darl doesn't let me...or some of them tought that im a non qualified im wearing niqab, most properbly im not going to school...hahaha....people like to assume!

to be very honest and clear... darl only 40% of the reason for me to stay..the rest...i dont blame him...he just want the best for me and the kids...


The reason...


Allah the work..a Doctor...the mix up between the man and women...unless malaysia have a special hospital for man and woman like saudi...i will work as i know we still need alot of muslim woman Dr to treat other woman in need.
To avoid the fitnah and the burden that will be carried by my hub and my shoulder in front of Allah...i just choose to stay at home and be the one that work for Him ,him and them..the kids.

Hub....i knew 14 yrs....we been friend since im 16...and i know...he is soo againts me when i told him, im taking medicine in uni...he said '' i, if i want to be a doctor, i can..but i wont, because im a family man...i like my life to be with my family...not with work''....when we got married, and have our first son....he just said, i wont stop u if u want to work, but i really hope that u will not....''  so i choose not to...because...i love Him, him and them.

Them...the kids...i started to wear niqab when i was pragnant of my second daughter...the moment i choose to do so...i already make up my mind...CT, WEARING THIS, MEANS U WILL NEVER BE A DOCTOR'' then the next thing that come to my mind...''ct, how on earth will you tell your mom about this'' as i tought the challange will be from my i ever be so wrong!..

Back to the reason...the kids...Allah grant me 5 yrs to feel the joy of being next to my hub and kids when i was in the uk...Oh, if Allah did not let me to feel this...i will surely be a very hardwoking Dr with lots of money, big fancy cars and those who ''hates '' me now will surely love me...but..i will miss out the sweetnees of seeing my kids developmental milestones, the first roll, the first crawl, the first in everything about them....i will surely be the one who let other be their ''mom''...i will surely be the one who blame the nursery for making my children be rude to me and other people....Because i don't want that...i choose Him, him and them...

I somehow..did not tell my close family the reason...because i know it will make no different...they see me a someone who waste my time and degree...someone who are lazy...and make no first..i feel so depress!...of say that u are useless woman with no small is the birds brain think!...but after a while...i see them as a challange...i channel my sadness to something powerfull...i make my niah to prove to them im not a useless housewife...and i do my best in every bits of my children esp...

But to my suprise....they still look down on me...and i still feel something is missing...and from that moment...i niah is wrong...i should not make it for them..i should do it for Him...and now i did...everything is for Him..and since matter how difficult the thing is...the test...the niah is for Him...and He repay me with a very happy life, i feel so bless and i learn how to ignore...which sometimes i fail to do so..haih..i just turn my face again to Him for forgiveness..

Every woman...deep inside surely want to be a fulltime mommy to their deed!...but there are just to many factors that make them not be able to do so...but if you have the chance..even for a tiny bit...please consider the option...i know the money attraction is sooo strong, but remember....u are doing this for ur family...u are giving away ur money for something a good mom, will produce a good family...the good family with soleh  n solehah children will be a permanent investment for ur akhirah...the rizq is in the hand of Allah...

i think..i write too much..i need to stop...i just remember..this entry is for the reason...not the babblings!...kah!...

So..this is my reason...

Alhamdullillah..Thanks You Allah... ;-)

Friday, 11 November 2011

ia sayang rumah ai

sebab sayang,, jadi kena kasi cantik, ai panggil yati lah...

faris sampai x nk nenen, dok tengok mop bergoyang.

itu tengah tunggun dia jemur n lipat kain.

ok aper...seminggu 2 kali jadik boss...hari2 lain dah kerah tenaga.

ps : tgh goyang kaki...auw...:-) masyaAllah.
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Thursday, 10 November 2011

sekolah menengah sains pokok sena kedah

Kenangan sekolah mrnengah di sini walaupun sekejap sebelum masuk mrsm, sgt best.

Di sinilah mama bertemu lelaki yg sekarang ini ayah kepada anak2 mama.

Di sinilak mama jumpa kawan2 yg best, rahida is my bbf. Aduhai. Miss her so much.

Di sini mama built mama punya self confident, sebab first time masuk boarding school.

Di sini mama paling ramai peminat, kah3!. Sekali dapat 40 kad ucapan. Hehehe.

Di sini seniornya baik giler. X de yg kerek macam kat mrsm.

I miss that school.

I miss kak one my kakak angkat yg bawa mama ke penang n kulim.

I miss cerita2 hantu kat sana.

Abg, nanti kita pergi balik sana ye.

Tempat jiwang lagi di kenang, inikan pula tempat jumpa jodoh :-)
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happy lil baby :-)

Faris bergayut!

Beli masa haris, tapi lansung x guna, rumah mama masa di uk itu terlalu sempit. Jadi xde kawasan yg boleh gantung.

Nak gantung antara ruang depan n mid room sgt x sesuai, sebab front room tu x fully insulated, jadi sgt sejuk gantung baby kat ctu. Kang balik dari dapur tengok baby dah kejang beku :-)

Teringat balik rumah mama kat uk tu kan, sgt syahdu, memang rumah paling murah dan keadaan yg penuh barang utk angkut balik msia, dgn anak2 kecik, dgn keadaan elaun yg kecik pastu x de saving lah since mama x pernah kerja dan abg terus sambung belajar from degree.

Tapi kan, subhanallah, benda2 yg susah tu lah yg mama igt sampai sekarang, memang manis betul memori dok uk ni, org lain yg memang berduit. Pergi pulak gaya berduit. Rumah besar cantik, tak rasa susah payah, mama x tahu lah nanti sama x memori nye dgn mama. Bukan susah semedang, ada best giler, tapi yg susah tu yg igt. Sembang2 balik dgn abg sambil minum milo mkn goreng pisang, memang best. Abg pun ckp macam gitu. Memang best life kat uk utk kami sebab banyak benda yg betul2 meninggalkan kesan di hati kami ini.

Memori sembahyang tepi highway sebab waktu nak habis. Sujud atas jalan lapik sejadah. Angin bayu menyapa pipi yg jarang terbuka dek purdah. Solat kena buka purdah kan :-) .Dingin air wuduk. Subhanallah. Manisnya Ya Allah. Manis sungguh.

Memori, mkn halal fried chicken kat padang, tetiba dtg anjing besar kadi serang mkn sekali. Nak pengsan sebab terkejut dan takut anjing tu serang. Memang kelakar. Tersenyum sendiri :-)

Memori kena tahan polis kereta x de road tax srbab duit x de nk bayar. Kereta kena tarik. Balik naik lori polis dgn haris dan aisyha umur 2 bulan. Pahit2 manis gitu. Polisnya walaupun trgas. Tapi still baik hati layanannya.

Btw, memori ke europe, yg paling kami igt bila kereta sangkut dlm ais, guna periuk nasi kasi korek ais. Best giler. Tak ramai ada pengalaman macam tu. Yg smooth sailing, dah blur2 dah memorinye. Subhanallah. Benda yg kadang kite x suka itu, pasti ada hikmah utk kita, kerana apa yg Allah tentukan utk hambanya adalah yg terbaik utk hambanya. Terima kadih Allah. :-)

Banyak lagi memori2 indah. Nanti lain waktu mama titipkan.

Ps: faris bgn :-)
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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

gua ikut enta

layan cerita ini...penuh pengertian......asyik layan citer drama tv / korea / tamil / jepun / indon / yahudi aje...

ubah selera sikit aper salah.

ps...sedang layan...

Monday, 7 November 2011


memang mereka ni serupa....faris banyak ikut muka aisyah la... :-)
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Sunday, 6 November 2011

baru aje...dah rindu?

abg outstation lagi....dekat shj...melaka...tapi we all x ikut...tah kenapa tak ikut pun mama x tahu...erm....

abg baru bertolak

ria tinggal dgn mama

tapi hati x ria...hati gundah gulana

aku rindu....
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Saturday, 5 November 2011

bersiaran live:-)

Proses menyediakan juadah raya

menu biasa...rendang, nasi impit, sate and the geng :-)

the kiddos

the food :-)

ps : ini first time mama masak rendang sendiri weh....gile sedap keh!!!

btw.....seronok ape raya sensorang...hati merintih buat cool aje... menci tau!
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Teringat kembali

Tengah feeling2 feeding faris tadi..mama pun teringat balik memori2 mama masa skolah2 dulu...

Mama rasa..mama nak abadikan memeori2 itu dalam blog ini...

Yang mana igt lah kan...

So kali ni..mama nak cerita tentang mama masa sekolah rendah...

Mama ni...dulu..mama seolah rendah ada gelaran...

Ok...Joyah sport!...kenapa?...siapa yg bagi ni?...

Gelaran ini di beri oleh seorang budak lelaki nama dia kamarul be honest...mama benci siot ke budak ni...dulu lah...dia ni..kire gengster masa sekolah, kaki sukan..badan tegap2 gitu...suka mengusik budak2 perempuan...bukan dia minat pun...sapa lah nak kat mama ni keh!...saja nakal2 lah tu...nak publisiti...hehehe...

Mama sgt aktif bersukan...mama kira power lah lumba lari ni...lompat jauh...kira power lah... ;-)

Pastu...selain kuat bersukan..mama juga garang dan becok...dia ni kire dalam rumah sukan yg sama dgn mama, jadi dia kire tolong latih kitorang lari la....dia asyik2 suruh lari....suruh lumba...mama bengkek lah...aku pun...marah2..sambil bebel2...pastu aku tanye lah banyak kali kenapa dia suruh buat semua benda banyak kali...jadi....dapat lah modal si kamarul ni nak melabel kan mama.....korang tahu macam mana dia cakap...''eh...ko ni mulut macam joyah lah...kuat sukan...ko ni joyah sport lah''....lekat lah nama joyah sport tu sampai mama darjah 6...

Kamarul2...since mama keluar dari kampung tu...mama dah tak jumpa dia...lama sgt...then..bila mama tgh mengandungkan Haris..mama jumpa balik dia...masa tu..dah baik dah dia....makin hensem...keh!...tapi of coz lah kan...jiwa ia milik cik abg sayang...hehehe

somehow..mama sekolah rendah tu...benci sgt org panggil joyah sport...rasa x cantik ( hello...u memang kurang cantik kot!)...iyer lah...kire turun saham ( yg memang dah tak de tu)...hahahah

but now..bila teringat balik...rasa kelakar...kalau lah si kamarul tu tak kasi nama tu...mesti mama tak igt sgt dia..tak ada memori pasal benda ni..dan pastinya sekarang memori sekolah rendah itu sgt hambar dan boring...

ps: thanks kamarul arifin...weh..dah kawin ke belom ko?...

masa utk......

ubah deco rumah.....

welcem to the family white lilies :-)

welcem to my new buddies in the kitchen....the herbs :-)

the kiddos :-)
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