Monday, 26 December 2011

his first night in his first room

finally, haris wanted to sleep on his own in his room. we just finish decorated the room, its cosy and cute for boy. ops...and aisyah too. haris still want aisyah to stay with him for tonight...he said, he will get lonely without cute ek... :-)

tak cukup hias lagi tu....nak tambah wall sticker lagi...hehehe...

and the best part is...the triple bunk bed was given to us worth 3000....and Allah give it to us free. :-) masyaAllah...

thanks azzura for giving it to us and it was superb.

the bed is not even used....its still brand new. :-)

haris love it sooo much...and it wont be long until faris join the sleep group too.

ps, i still remember, last time when i was in the uk, i wanted to buy the pine bouble bunk bed, but i dont have enough money. but i did not say anything to him, i just said to my self, kalau ade rezeki, Allah mesti bagi, cepat lambat je. yap...there infront of me now, its not double, but Allah give me triple..masyaAllah :-)

thank you Allah :-)
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