Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Erm, that's normally what i said when i see the scale everytime i weight my kids. They weight just wont go up. Haih, after a while, i think i need to find a good milk for them. The one that they like.

All of my kids were breast fed for at least 2 yrs, normally, after that, i will give them fresh milk and sometimes formula milk but not in bottle, just using sippy or normal cup. I did give them via bottle for few months then i stop it to avoid dependency.

Now, apart from fresh milk, ive tried few other growing up formula which to my expectation, they just dont like it.

The list

Dutch lady 123,456
Dugro veggie

I will tell the different between those milk by look, taste and price.


The worst is dugro, why? It just toooo watery, it seems that u giving the kids diluted milk. And it does look tooo artificial to our naked eye.

The best are anmum dutch lady. Looks real and appertising.


The worst is dugro, its just too extremly sweet, no wonder the kids love it. U are feeding lolly pop to them! Aisyah like it, but not haris

Lactogen taste yucky, non of my children likes it, ive taste it, yap, its not so nice. Ada bau.

The best is anmum. Its sweeter then fresh milk, but its just nice. Haris like this. Aisyah, never finish her milk!

The taste of ducth lady is acceptable, haris n aisyah was ok with it, but to say they love it, is just too overstatment.

The value for money

The winner is dutch lady.

Cekik darah is anmum

Other is ok lah.

Tonight i will need to fetch some monthly house supply. Milk will be in the list and im still clueless of which i should buy. We still prefer fresh milk as our first milk, but the thing is, we need to go to bigger supermarket to have it, and they drink like 4 bottle / big cartons a week. Mana nak sumbat dlm fridge tu. Haih!

Everytime i serve milk to haris he will ask me " mama is this fresh milk or made up milk?" if i said made up. They both will sound like this " aaaaoooooooooo" " i want fresh milk, fresh milk is the best "

Here in malaysia, fresh milk is sometimes hard to find, its expensive and very easy to get spoil.

Botak mak weh!
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