Thursday, 29 December 2011

my girl

Her name is aisyah sumayyah, we call her aisyah, and we dont like it when other people call her ecah or chah or other short form.

She like pretty things, and she love to look pretty too.

You can do basicly anything to her head, put scarf, hair clips, ponny tail, anything you like, as long as its cute and pretty, she will love it.

She love pretend play, being a doctor, a chef, a mommy, a princess even as nigel marven helper to look for dinos or animals.

She speaks english very well with a very soft voice.

If you see her, she is nothing like me. She just tooo girlie!.

Wonder where she get that genes, we dont have tv for her to follow anything there. Is just inside her. The genes!.

Ps: aisyah, we love u.

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