Thursday, 24 November 2011

the work

Its craf day today. They are getting better and better every day. Each picture have its own story which my tabby cant record because its out of batteries. Let me make the summary.

The red back ground is aisyah garden, its full with pink flowers and aisyah with haris is playing near the pond. Btw the people is sooo tiny, its hard to see with my poor quality pict ( that is it, im buying galaxy note next month, i need something with good camera, smartphone for sure, abg dah offer tu)

The blue background is abg haris one. This is his yard (note that. Aisyah use garden, his one is yard!), with a pond and inside there is a boat and the blue bit are the people when u look from far. The long blue beads are the shining sky. And the boy is himself standing near the pond looking at big gray dragonfly :-)

Then he do his count by 2 very well masyaAllah.

Then both of them want to play stamping. So, the colourfull pictures is aisyah n the blue only pict is haris. Now his fav color now. So, basicly everything is blue, he even want a blue milk which i dont give lah. Look to weird n too much food coloring!

Now, while me feeding the baby upstairs, they are still making things, creative things. I just cant wait to see what are they up to now. They are just toooo creative masyaAllah.

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