Thursday, 24 November 2011

the CD day

Yes, we are out of nappy for 1 whole day, and im using CD (cloth diapers) for one stressfull day!

I dont know how mommies out there can use CD lah. Tabik spring!!! Me, yaAllah, disaster weh. Faris really dont like it lah, too cold maybe. Cranky all day. And ive used 5 Cd in day time only. Giler nk membasuh tu. Ke u dont need to change untill he poop? Like regular nappy. Ive been changing him like everytime he is wet. Aiyooooo!!!

After abg come back from work, we went out to find him the regular nappy. I miss you mamipoko!. I cant take it anymore!!! That is it laaaaa, memang cd only use in emergency aje weh. Which i will make sure, its not going to happen atlest another few months! Or maybe never!!!

Ps: gambar memory disaster day aiyoooo!!! Nad, i tak tahu lah mcm mana u tahan guna cd darl. Bagus!
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