Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Homemade oat baby cereal

Homemade oat cereal is faris latest baby food, very easy to make and faris love it sooo much.

I remember last time when i was in the uk, i used to feed haris with this oat cereal, but it was the instant one with pre mix milk, unfortunately, i cant feed it to aisyah as she had milk allergy.

Now, i notice haris just love oats but not aisyah. Oats are healthy and good for ur skin. :-)

Memang aisyah x boleh telan langsung, but its ok, she love olive so much, olive also good for skin. Selamattt!! Having the only girl in the family, i need to think alot! Skin, yap, the younger the better.

So, since i cant find the same oats cereal, ive decided to made it myself.

U will need organics oats. Blender or food processor, water, milk (breast or formula)

There are 2 ways to make it.

Either u blend the cooked oat and add the milk or blend the oats first the cook it and need to contstantly stir it if not u will get an oats balls. Then u add milk.

As for me i use the first method as haris is having oats for breakfast. I just took some then puree it, add my milk and wallah! The way he eat it just look sooo yummy!!

And, u can mix and match oats with other things too like fruit, veggie and meat.

Next time will be oats with apple and pumkins. :-)

Mommmy nadia, this post is specially for u darl. Dont forget to try it!!!
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mommyNadia said...

tqtq ;)
memang akan try.
Time Adam, I bought organic oat,tp got no idea how to cook end up Adam tak suka and buang je...
This time shud try it la..

Ada lagi menu lain..apa kata tulis entry lagi wuhahahaha..tamak!!