Sunday, 27 November 2011

the caterpiller

Lets make caterpiller!

Today our creative activity is making cute caterpiller.

You will need.

pom2 balls in your fav color
color paper
color tissue paper
sticker paper or googly eyes

and gets creative!!!

ps: the blue one is haris, colorful one is aisyah and the red n white one is mama's.

cute kan!!

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Puan Gee said...

kreatif semuanya... slmt thn br siti

Zantie Azizan said...

I suka baca your blog, regarding homeschooling your school. I myself try to teach my kids jugak.. but tk bole la nak kata homeschooling since I am sending my kids to school. hehe. Anyway, nak tanyala, kat mana u beli pom pom ball tu ye?