Saturday, 13 October 2012

the first taman pulai indah goodscycle carboot

the booters!

this is the lucky girl to manage to bring back that lovely fisher price cat for RM 5.. that toy belong to haris when he was 8 month old...

spot the ninja! try to persuade this girl to buy this toy...hahaha

insyaAllah...another carboot in taman pulai indah after raya haji...alot of people were asking about it..and they want it to be done weekly...we see how it goes!

ps: haris got his cybertooth tiger robot and aisyah got a panda teddy...mama?...hahah...teapot!...finally..ive got a new teapot!...for RM 5..its a bargain!

pss: dont forget to join the goodscycle carboot in Bukit mahkota and bandar baru bangi tomorrow.. datang cepat2 kalau nak barang2 best!

pss: Finally..abg got his new phone..and i manage to update my NEW blog today!..hip hip..horray!

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