Monday, 9 January 2012

let it be fun

having another lil chap proven to be difficult for me to have a formal teaching enviroment.

since faris sleep routine had change from long sleep to tiny lil nap.. I have to use the tiny sleep for cooking and do the class while he was awake.

since faris is soooooooo keen on standing...ill be the plat form for him to practice. kurus me...kurus!

so...ive decided to make the class more more print out...i just do the excersise on the spot....

the kids seems to love this new classroom and its proven to be more fun.. and the kids becoming more creative.

our school is marvelous!!!

ps: those are aisyah short story for her reading practice and abg haris worksheet. santaikan! and itu origami birds...salah satu aktiviti kami....utk fine motor and creativity.
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