Tuesday, 3 January 2012

heinz baby food

Faris baby food is varies from home cook which is 80% of it and instant food like baby cereal or jar baby food.

At home, i just cook him homemade baby food from pumpkin, apples, sweet potato, raisins, carrots, celery, apricot, banana, papaya, oats and rice. I havent start him on any animal protien yet, im planning to do so when he turns 8 or 9 months old.

As for the instant baby food, ive choose brown rice cereal, apple n cranbarries cereal and prune with oats cereal. I choose those with iron fortified cereal to topup iron supply as my breast milk iron content is not enough after 6 months old.

When we went eating out, i usually buy the jar baby food from heinz.

Its like a habit for me to taste the food first before giving it to my baby. I want to know the taste that im feeding to my baby. So i can anticipate the reaction.

Out of all the baby food. Jar food taste the worst!

They have certain smell and the taste does not resemble the thing that they said they have put inside it.

They are just too sour or too sweet.

I really dont fancy buying those jar baby food, unless i really need to. Esp when we have unplanned eating outside.

Mommy out there, please do cook you own baby food as much as you can, tapi kalau x boleh tu, nak buat macam mana.

When we cook it our self, we know what is inside there and we know it taste better and its fresh!.

Faris, i will try my best to feed you only the best. Hari2 masak, setiap meal lain2. Just for you :-)

Faris love new taste. MasyaAllah, sumbat apa pun boleh. MasyaAllah :-)

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Mixed-family in da house.... said...

yer ker teruk rasa baby food jar? ....nmpk dr luar mcm menyelerakan....

mommyNadia said...

so true ct!
Adam dulu 2 months duk makan jar food..sour, to sweet and kind smelly..
but not for ryan anymore..
I'll make extra and freeze for weekend outing..
go go homemade food ;)