Monday, 28 May 2012


Negative Statements

Do you realise that the brain cannot process a negative command or statement? If you say to your child "be careful, don't spill your milk" as they carry the glass full of milk across the kitchen the child has to actually think of spilling the milk so that it can take the necessary action not to do it. We tend to get what we focus on and so by the child thinking of spilling milk that is often what tends to happen which normally results in a loud "But I told you not to spill that milk". So the moral of the story is ask for what you want, not what you don't want.

(Source - Just about any good NLP textbook)

it's time to change saying this to myself!...and im sure a lot of us used to do this...elok2 naik kerusi tu...nanti jatuh!...then anak kite jatuh...then kite cakap...itu lah...kan mak dah cakap...

jadi lepas ni...elok2 naik kerusi tu....berhenti di situ ok!...hehehe

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