Thursday, 24 May 2012

Aquaria KLCC

big tank feeding..the huge ray fish!
for haris..this guy work is the best in the world!
green turtle!
please dont hit me!
Otter feeding
say cheese! you can take picture with the diver!
touch pool the bamboo shark!
he is brave! the horse shoe crab

One Happy kid!

Piranha tank!

The special school trip holiday start on wednesday 16th of May 2012...

We went ot Aquaria KLCC on wednesday...which is one of the best place to go in KL... more details please go to Aquaria KLCC website.

it worth every ringgit...

haris and aisyah is soooo extreamely happy...

the place is clean..and the worker are very friendly...

and the feeding show is awsome! please dont miss the feeding show..espeacially the big tank one!!!

enjoy the picture!

no picture for the tunnel...sebab bateri camera ku kong!

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Blog Diva said...

haris looks a bit chubby lah! sweet!